Friday, April 25, 2014

end of semester blues

well it's that time again where finals approach and the warm weather sneaks up on us. sad to say but it is a little bittersweet. with the good weather comes the exams and final papers. the final pull as some may call it. i look forward to moving back to my little beach town, but living in providence has made me become a completely different person. i love the city life and all the people i have bonded with. so many things can happen in the matter of a three month vacation. here is to new beginnings...

Monday, April 21, 2014

observations while in the hospital

i have never been in the hospital before in my entire life. this past week i was in the hospital all week from monday to thursday; and let me tell you that saying "you never sleep in a hospital", could not be more on point. i have never been so tired i kept being woken up every hour even in the middle of the night. i was very interested to see the evolution of technology in science. old traditional ways like getting a temperature and reading my blood pressure all include technology now. i remember when i was little the doctor used to use a thermometer and put it under my tongue, now they have a dial that runs across my face and behind my ears that digitally reads a temperature. i guess i am just a little dated, and i hardly ever go to the doctors or pay attention to minor details like such but i had a little more time on my hands and i was intrigued.

Monday, March 31, 2014

womans studies class

I was moved by this photo today when we were engaging in conversation during class. This photo means so much to me as a woman, especially a woman studying Violence Against Women. The courage and determination this young woman has to make a point is breathtaking. I am truly inspired. 1 in 4 woman are victims of sexual assault and this is more than a courageous female protesting, this is a statement for the movement, and I will use this example for the rest of my studies in years to come.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Writers Block

Today I was quite embarrassed. I was writing a paper for my Western Democracy class and it was on How the Liberal Party imploded between 1910 and 1914 in England, and I completely blanked. I kept confusing myself and I had no idea what I was trying to say. It is interesting because I learned in Professor Michaud's class the other day that writer's block is caused by so many things. For example, some people are too focused on the audience, others are to afraid to make a mistake, others are concerned with punctuation. I had never taken the time to analyze why some people other than myself suffer from writers block and it interested me. Sometimes you don't realize how much of your life influences your writing and your education.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

High Point University

For my spring break I decided to visit my best friend for her 21st birthday. She goes to High Point University in North Carolina. I had always imagined it to be nice but I was amazed to actually witness it first hand. On campus all inclusive to students is an arcade, a 5 star steakhouse restaurant, 4 smaller restaurants, a movie theatre, 3 Starbucks, a subway, and a chick filay. I was also informed that students can have up to 3 cars and most usually do. How amazing! What a difference in educations.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My gay

This society is so influenced by heterosexual relationships that people are so judgement. My absolute best friend is gay and I love everything about it. I can go to him about everything and he is always there with the best advice and stories. This society needs to get with the program and stop being so ignorant. If more people were opened minded there would be a lot more room for happiness in this world. Common LGBT+ laws need to be passed and hopefully people can learn to accept it. It's written in our constitution "life, liberty, pursuit of happiness". Allow others their happiness.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

House of Cards

I am obsessed with the Netflix Original series House of Cards. I watched the whole second season like a marathon. I am so distraught because my life was consumed by House of Cards and now it's over. It's amazing how in today's day and age people actually get attached to shows and almost consume their life with it as if it were actually their life. House of Cards was a political show that I grew attached to because I love politics and it's consumed my whole life and studies. Just from watching the show I feel more confident that I want to persue politics as a profession. It sounds crazy but I feel like I get a high off of politicsl debating and I love it. I cannot wait to see where my life takes me.... Just a random thought as my mind wanders after the completion of the show